1. Safety Lock Pin
2. Tow Trigger Operator fire control
3. Variable Power Control
4. Remote Operator Control Pendant (optional)
5. Counter weight to reduce recoil on multiple hit applications
6. Power Pitch Control
7. Riser guide horns (optional)
8. Air exhausted away from floor, dirt & sand
9. Exhaust connection flange for external sound control routing (optional)
10. Operates on 100 PSI (7 bar) Foundry plant air supply
11. Self-contained air filter and air lubricator assembly
12. Wear-protected air supply hose 25 feet (7.6 meters) long
13. Air pressure gauge, shock protected
14. Internal air cushion decelerator for protection against “dry fires”
15. Internal Hammer Unit forged alloy steel, heat treated, induction hardened, chrome plated
16. Replaceable Hammer Head
17. Replaceable wear muzzle with hard faced welded surface
18. Bottom Wear Guard
19. Split 2 piece rod sealing gland